Dow Corning® Authorized Distributor

E200 Silicont Fluid Available in Various Sizes & Centistokes. 5 Gallons || 1 Gallon || 1 Quartz || 1 Pint

We Supply Silicone Fluid in the Quantity & Containers you Specify

Also known as PMX, dimethicone, plolydimethylsiloxane, PDMS and silicone oil, Esco Silicone Fluid is usable in a wide range of applications across many industries. Esco's stock varies from very low viscosity to very high viscosity. The lower the CS number, the thinner the fluid.

Esco silicone fluids are available for purchase in a variety of centistokes and container sizes to meet your requirements. We provide our customers with a purchasing option to pay for only what they need. Our fluid is obtained in bulk direct from the manufacturer and repackaged into smaller containers to fit your operation. Quality control and traceability are maintained throughout this process. 

Esco is committed to providing service and solutions to our customers. If you have a specific container size or need for a CS that you don’t see here, please contact us to inquire about price and availability.

Esco Silicone Fluid Key Characteristics:

  • • Repels water
  • • Excellent dielectric strength and other properties at various temperatures and voltages
  • • Low viscosity change at temperature
  • • High spreadability
  • • Stable at high heat
  • • Resistant to oxidation

XIAMETER and Dow Corning

As an authorized distributor for Dow Corning for more than 40 years, Esco Products, Inc. has provided service and solutions to its customers in need of industrial sealants, compounds, greases, and silicone fluids. With the addition of the XIAMETER brand to the Dow Corning family, Esco has the purchasing power to stock the materials your company needs. Many Dow Corning silicone fluids and sealants have transitioned to the XIAMETER® brand. Esco stocks and sells many XIAMETER silicone products.